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Nail Extension Salon In Kolkata

Do you dislike how short and fragile your nails are? Does having bad nails make you less confident in public? Do you yearn for long, gorgeously coloured nails? Experience the ultimate solution for nail extensions at 20 Nail Story, the premier nail extension salon in Kolkata. Since they give everyone the chance to have long, beautiful-looking nails, nail extensions are becoming more and more popular. They can also give any outfit a dash of glitz and sophistication, which can boost your self-confidence. So bid adieu to your short, weak nails, and come see us right away.
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Nail Extensions Parlour In Kolkata

Types of Nail Extensions

Experience the rising popularity of acrylic nails, renowned for their exceptional strength and durability. Acrylic nails provide long-lasting extensions and can be customized to meet your specific preferences. Our salon boasts a team of trusted experts who excel in delivering flawless acrylic nails in Kolkata.

Gel nails are the most similar to natural nails available. Gel nails can be your best option if you want a more natural and flexible feel. We use high-quality products at the 20 Nail Story, a gel nail salon in Kolkata, to give your nails an exotic appearance.
Are you sick and tired of your weak, brittle nails? So you aren’t required to any longer. Silk nails are made of a thin material that is ideal for damage control and offers an extra-durable foundation for future extensions. For greater durability, it can be worn in conjunction with gel or acrylic nails.
The coolest girls are accessorizing their nails with sparkly polishes and pops of shimmer, even though pastel colours and cute nail art appear to be classic summer staples. Get your nails done at our nail extension salon in Kolkata if you’re all ready to join that gang. Are you ready to be the brightest of all?

Process of Getting Nail Extensions Done At Our Salon


1. Consultation and selection

Here at our nail extension salon in Kolkata, you can talk to our staff about the type of nail extensions you'd like. They can help you choose the best option based on your preferences, nail health, and lifestyle from a variety of options like acrylic, gel, or silk.

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3. Application of nail extension

The nail extensions will be applied after your natural nails have been prepared. The particular method will depend on the extension type that is selected during the selection process. To achieve the desired length and shape discussed during the consultation.


2. Preparation of nails

We believe you will enjoy this part the most because it is the most relaxing. We guarantee your total nail health at our nail extension salon in Kolkata. Removing any previous polish, gently pushing back or trimming the cuticles are all included in this process.


4. Finishing touches

Our nail technicians will refine and perfect the look once all of the nail extensions have been applied. Our aim is for every customer to leave our nail extension salon in Kolkata with a radiant smile on their face. Contact us for getting nail extensions done.

Shapes of Nail Extensions

At our nail extension salon in Kolkata, you have the opportunity to select the perfect nail shape that complements your unique style from a wide range of options available.

Almond shape:
For those who prefer a chic and classic nail shape, almond-shaped nails are a popular option because they are adaptable and go well with different nail lengths.

Square shape:
Are you the boss lady rocking all the bold fashion and nail art trends? if so, then this shape is perfect for you. Those who prefer a robust and edgy nail shape favour square-shaped nails. They offer a large nail surface, which makes them ideal for displaying intricate patterns, designs, and nail art.

Oval shape:
The oval form helps to lengthen the fingers and gives the hands an elegant appearance. It’s a common option for people looking for a classic and understated nail shape.

Aftercare Instructions