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Nail Art Parlour In Kolkata

Nail Art Salon In Kolkata

The act of getting your nails done is incredibly therapeutic. It’s two hours of “me time” that you set aside, during which your hands will be too occupied to scroll through social media or respond to emails. Additionally, after enjoying some leisurely downtime, you emerge with revitalized tips that cover up any indications of stress-related nail biting. Simply put, it’s a win-win situation. And here is the catch, nail art is more than just a fashion trend, It’s here to stay! It’s a form of art and self-expression that we do here at the 20 Nail Story, which is one of the best nail art salons in Kolkata.

Therefore, if you appreciate colour vibrancy while also appreciating its subtle side, stop by our exquisitely designed nail art studio in Kolkata. Since nail art is constantly evolving, we welcome your suggestions and offer some of our favourite designs and colour palettes. This is your chance to make your hands shine!

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Nail Art Parlour In Kolkata

Nail Art Designs

If you are a person who appreciates beautiful and seamless transitions of colours on the nails which gives a gradient effect, then this design is for you.

Floral nail art offers a feminine and elegant look, with a wide range of design possibilities.

For a very special bride on her very special day, The 20 Nail Story offers the best nail art in Kolkata. It may include the use of beautiful and shiny elements.

Are you the type of person who enjoys basking in the spotlight of glitz? If so, this nail art is a good fit for you.

Neon nails are eye-catching and perfect for those who want to make a fashion-forward and daring statement with their nail art.

Characterized by a soft, natural look. It’s popular among those who prefer a minimalistic or professional look.

Custom design options

Customising the designs of your choice is a fantastic option offered by our nail studio in Kolkata. You have the freedom to select from our wide array of available designs, or if you prefer, you can share your unique ideas with us, and we will create them for you.

Matt Finish

You can get a matt finish for the designs no matter what pattern you select, whether it's a geometric pattern, floral pattern, or a pattern with colour gradients.

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Butterfly Nail Art

Butterflies represent beauty, grace, and transformation. To add more of an individualistic character to the design, the colour of your choice can be added. We transform your nails with beautiful design.

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Jewel Nail Art

You can incorporate shiny, glittery elements into the design depending on the occasion or requirements. This design is highly customisable to suit your requirements.


Tropical designs

Tropical nail art has a playful, fun vibe that is ideal for summer getaways or adding a touch of paradise to your hands. Bring us the details of your vacation, and we'll write a memoir through our art.

Benefits of getting a nail art

Nail art has many advantages besides solely making your hands look beautiful.

Nail art is a form of self-expression, it provides you with a platform that showcases your creativity and individuality.

Your confidence can be multiplied by having colourful, well-designed nails. The 20 Nail Story, one of the best nail art salons in Kolkata, offers nail art services that will boost your self-esteem and serve as a stress reliever.

An eye-catching accessory for your Instagram feed can be created using a variety of current colours and intricate patterns. These numerous options are offered at The 20 Nail Story, our nail art studio in Kolkata.

Process of getting nail art done at our Salon



You can consult with our knowledgeable nail experts to receive top-notch advice, and explore our competitively priced options that align with current nail art pricing in Kolkata.


Selection of design

You can choose a design from our portfolio or submit your ideas for our experts to develop into a perfect plan.


Application and finishing touches

we will carefully apply the colours, following the design discussed during the consultation.