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When it comes to lashes, the beauty industry has tried it all: heated curlers, miracle growth serums, magnifying mascaras, you name it. However, no fashion is as divisive as eyelash extensions. When lash extensions gained popularity for the very first time, to everyone they seemed like a relatively painless alternative to falsies or mascara for achieving wispy, fluttering lashes.

Curious about what eyelash extensions are? At The 20 Nail Story, we offer these semi-permanent fibres that are meticulously affixed to your natural eyelashes, providing the perfect solution to lengthen, fill out, and darken the appearance of your lash fringe. Using a specialized semi-permanent glue, our skilled technicians delicately attach individual lash extensions to each of your natural eyelashes, ensuring a seamless blend and a natural-looking result that beautifully enhances your unique eye shape and features. So why have eyelash extensions become such a popular choice in Kolkata? The answer lies in their impressive benefits. First and foremost, eyelash extensions offer a customizable solution that caters to your specific preferences. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a dramatic effect, our skilled technicians can create a look that perfectly aligns with your vision.

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Eyelash Extensions Parlour In Kolkata

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions in Kolkata are a popular choice for achieving a subtle and natural look. In this technique, a single lash extension is applied to each individual natural lash.
Multiple thin eyelash extensions are applied to each natural lash using the volume eyelash extension technique to produce a fuller and more voluminous effect.
Classic and volume lash techniques are combined in hybrid lash extensions. The best place to get hybrid eyelash extensions in Kolkata is at our salon, where our stylists can expertly apply a combination of single and volume lashes to produce a textured and three-dimensional effect.
Synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon are commonly used to make synthetic lash extensions. They look natural, are strong, and are light in weight. The synthetic eyelash extensions price is very affordable at our salon, but the quality of the work you receive will be exceptional.
High-quality silk fibres that are lightweight and cushy are used to make silk lash extensions. They are renowned for their comfortable wear and for providing a natural look and feel.

Process of Getting Eyelash Extensions Done At Our Salon


1. Consultation and selection

You can choose an eyelash extension type and talk to our technicians about the style of look you prefer. You can also discuss the budget preferences. While we strive for a carefree approach to budgeting and costs, our salon in Kolkata offers the most affordable eyelash extension.


3. Application of eyelash extensions

The application of eyelash extensions is a meticulous process performed by the most skilled technician. Individual lash extensions or pre-made lash fans are carefully attached to each natural lash using a specially formulated adhesive.


2. Preparation of eyes

The technician will start preparing the eyes for the application after deciding on the type of eyelash extension. This entails washing the lashes and eye area to get rid of any oils, makeup, or debris. Everything is carried out delicately and carefully.


4. Finishing touches

After the eyelash extensions are applied, the technician will perform any necessary finishing touches. This may include separating and combing the lashes to ensure they are evenly distributed and free of any tangles. Get eyelash extension done at our salon.

Tips for maintaining eyelash extensions

  1. Be gentle while washing your face. Avoid rubbing your eyes aggressively to prevent the extensions from coming out.

  2. Clean your last extensions regularly with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. 

  3. Avoid using oil-based cosmetic products. Oil might weaken the adhesive bond and can cause eyelashes to fall out immediately. 

  4. Comb your eyelashes regularly using a mascara brush to prevent your eyelashes from getting tangled.
  5. Avoid excessive steam, it can weaken the adhesive glue making the eyelashes come out.