This Navratri Try New and Most Iconic Nail Art Designs

girl trying artificial nails tips with flower nail design

The much anticipated Navratri season has already begun. The evening will be packed with enjoyment, friends, Dandiya Nights, and other attractions. Why overlook your nails when your makeup and gorgeous lehenga cholis are ready? The phrase “dressing up perfectly from head to toe” refers to having everything from a toenail to a hairstyle done perfectly. Here are some nail art ideas that you may do at home with nail polish, obtaining acrylic nail extension, or visiting any other city’s popular nail parlor.

The festive vibe is incompleted without doing your nails. It’s time to give current nail trends a more conventional spin. Your choice of hues, patterns or even decorations can all be considered ethnic. Choose eye-catching Indian designs like peacocks and elephants, drums, and dandiya sticks. Keep your base coat straightforward and let the your theme speak for itself!

Traditional Navratri Nail Design

You may select a basic colour that will go with all of your various ensembles because the nine days of Navratri are represented by nine distinct colours. Create a drawing that incorporates a component of each Navratri-related colour. Let your brightly coloured nails do the talking since dandiya and Garba evenings are all about glitter, colour, and dancing. Or you can approach The 20 Nail Stroy for the glitter nail extension in Kolkata. 


Complementing Your Choli

You may incorporate your choli’s design while creating a pattern. Other designs to explore include floral patterns, dandiya designs, or adding accents like tiny pearls on your fingernails.

multicolored manicure with geometric pattern

Mint Nail Art

Mint-coloured tints are always in style. To make them ready for the Dandiya Night, you might get mint-coloured nail polish with glitter added to them. Here, at The 20 Nail Story, we provide the best nail art in Kolkata.


Floral Manicure

From a distance, brightly coloured, floral nails are ineffective at drawing attention. Floral nails with the manicure & pedicure will go great with whatever floral clothing you may be sporting.

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Nail Art with Pearls and Glitter

Diamonds will always be adored by women. What makes you just use diamonds and pearls in your jewelry, then? You can use them on decorating your nails as well. We help you to choose and make such great nail art designs that will add more shine to your nails.


Custom Manicure

You might get a simple manicure if you don’t want to seem spectacular and ornamented throughout the occasion. With a soothing massage combined with a paraffin wax treatment, you may remove the callus and keep your nails healthy and shiny.



You may add nail decorations. These days, it’s simple to get decorations of any kind in the market. Get the people you want.

In conclusion, choose multicoloured patterns that resemble little rangolis. Dots can be used as a simple method to define designs. Dots allow for the creation of any Indian design, especially intricately detailed flowers. If you want to up the excitement, you may always add a little bling

manicure design short nails with rhinestones 1

You may not be able to keep long nails in today’s busy world. But who said small nails couldn’t be painted? Yes, you should show off a variety of nail art designs. The easiest suggestion is to attempt the glitter French tip, if you want to try something highly decorative and attractive, especially for a festive look. You are completely free to come up with innovative designs of this sort. But if you are looking for a nail salon in Kolkata. Then Visit Us at Newtown and Bidhannagar

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