Aftercare Tips After an Amazing Manicure and Pedicure Session

Maintaining stylish, healthy nails doesn’t require much money or effort. You may have strong, attractive nails by using a few manicure and pedicure techniques. However, are you serious about learning the most incredible pedicure and manicure techniques for the best outcomes? This is the question that now crosses our minds. In this Blog, we’re going to shed some light on the most important advice provided to you by one of the top manicure & pedicure salon in Kolkata to ensure nourishment and care in your hands and feet lasts longer than before.

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People are more likely to remember you if you have healthy nails whether you meet them at a party, business meeting, or on a date. Your hygiene is the first thing that people notice about you. Well-maintained, trimmed nails complete your overall appearance. Not only this, our nails serve as barriers to protect our hands and feet when we use them.

It’s important to note that in order to keep your fingernails looking their best after a new manicure or pedicure, you must adhere to the mani-pedi aftercare instructions. If you discover that you lack the time to take care of your nails, all you need to do is have a mani-pedi at home or visit The 20 Nail Story, the best pedicure salon in Kolkata, for top-notch service.

So let’s go over the aftercare tips after an amazing manicure and pedicure session-

Things you need to keep in mind after a pedicure session

If used properly, pedicure aftercare advice may end up being a game changer. We hope that inculcating these tips in your nail care routine will help you in maintaining healthy nails.

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  • Although it’s not a smart idea, the majority of us are accustomed to wearing tight-fitting shoes. Really, it isn’t. You must wear toe shoes if you want the desired outcomes or the ones which leave room for your feet to breathe. 
  • You shouldn’t clip your toenails too short when doing so. Don’t let them grow inwards, if this happens it can create a lot of discomfort for you.
  • Cotton socks that are comfortable for, you are advised. Avoid wearing any type of tight-fitting socks.
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  • After bathing or having a shower, try to keep your feet dry.
  • Use a foot lotion to keep your toes moisturised and hydrated for a longer time.
  • To keep your cuticles moist, use a good-quality cuticle cream or oil.

Things you should keep in mind after a manicure session

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  • Choose your soap carefully since excessive soap use might have negative effects on nails. After a manicure, it’s best to stay away from any type of harsh washing or chemicals.
  • Wearing gloves is advised when performing some tasks, such as dishwashing and gardening.
  • Protect your nail paint by making sure it isn’t chipped off.
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  • Make sure to talk to your nail technicians before applying a base coat to make your manicure last longer.
  • To make your hands feel smooth and hydrated, use hand cream.
  • Make sure your hands are completely dry and no water is left after washing them.
  • Trimming is equally important for your nails to grow, so remember to trim them and keep them at a workable length.
  • Make sure that you take some time off to see your nail technician. 

More than enough information on pedicure and manicure aftercare is provided in the aforementioned section. However, if you’re still unsure, you may choose to visit our manicure & pedicure salon, The 20 nail story in Kolkata to assure additional care for your fingernails and toenails. If you want, you can explore more of our services like eyelash extensions in Kolkata, Acrylic nail art, Glitter nail extension and so on.

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