Nail Art – An Interesting History

We are so busy following the latest trends in everything that we never bothered to find out where all of this is coming from. I was wondering from where all this fuss about nail paint and nail art is started. Who were the first women to try nail paint? Which was the first brand of nail paint? Where it all started I wanted to go back to the roots to know some interesting facts about this latest art trend. All these questions forced me to do some research about the history of Nail Art and it led me to a few interesting facts which I am going to share with you all.

Use of nail polish in china in 3000 B.C.

Unlike other beauty rituals like doing hairstyles, putting up makeup and wearing jewelry coloring talons was also popular among Indian women. Oh, here you were thinking that Rihanna and Kylie Jenner started this trend. No, 5000 years back when nail paints were not even invented ancient women in India used to paint their nails with natural henna. Apparently, we trendsetters are not the only one who loves to color our nails. Women in the 5th millennium will simply apply henna all over their hands and cover their nails in it. After drying it they will remove it off and get orange or bronze color which depends on the skin type and color. And yes it was started in India, and Indian traders spread this culture across to the neighboring countries.  As a matter of fact, men spread this trend, not women. In Ancient times, Henna was used to color hair, feet, toes, hands and even the textile industry was under this influence and they use to give a bronze effect to the clothes. Today we call henna as the natural nail color substance which has no chemical. Yeah, we trendy people look for natural and chemical-free things now. 

nail art salon in kolkata
Glitter Nail Art in Kolkata

Our beautiful queens used to decorate their hands with henna designs and they will cover their talons with it for some natural color. The desire to look beautiful is not new, it is age-old. Women always wanted more appreciation for their look and beauty. Clicking something in mind? Henna designs and modern nail art? Yeah, they are related and that is how nail designs evolved. The difference is that we started using those designs on our nails with the help of modern products and tools. In some rural areas, you can still find ladies applying henna all over their nails to give them bronze color. Chemicals were yet to discover, but natural ingredients were available. Lots of green leaves and oils were common among Indian women. Henna leaves were available in the ancient era it was the most important ingredient for beauty care. It was the beautiful miracle of that era. Ladies would color their tresses with henna as it was nature’s gift. A natural color which is easily available. They simply mix henna leaves with water and lemon to form a paste and put designs all over their heads, hands and once the design is complete they will apply henna on nails and leave it overnight to get dry. Voila, the simplest form of nail art is done. 

Amazing nail art in kolkata
Peacock nail design created by the 20 nail story located in newtown Kolkata

You may find it odd or old fashioned, but this is how to nail color originated and came into existence. Before nitrocellulose was invented which is the key substance in nail paints, powder and cream polish was covered onto the nails with a cloth and at the end of the 18th-century nail polish came into existence. 

Just like every other innovative thing, our dear China used beeswax, egg whites, gelatin and vegetable dyes for coloring nails in 3000 BC.  Another strange fact, nail color was used to signify class ranking in Ancient Egypt. People from high society painted their nails red and lower cast people wore nude and light colors only. I never thought about that. Beautiful nail colors were used for discrimination that is weird. 

What inspired the innovation of Nail Paint and first nail paint brand

People used to apply various ingredients available in the home as nail color until now. But on one fine day, a popular makeup artist fulfilled our dream of launching a nail color in the market. Revlon became the first company to release a cream color nail paint in 1932. They took the inspiration from a completely colorless version of automobile paint which was invented in 1916.  French makeup artist, Michelle Menard took inspiration and created something that is most loved by ladies till today! During World War 1, the US got nitrocellulose chemical from the Germans and produced nail polish in various shades of pink. Thanks to Revlon that we have nail polish today. Revlon’s initial nail paints were named “Kissing Pink” and “Fatal Apple.” I know life would be too boring without nail color. What girls would do in their free time? I wonder! 

Over the year nail polish formula is improved it got glossier, staying power was increased and consistency is better. Several other brands entered this industry and brought many shades in our world of fashion. In 1930, when black nail color first came into the trend women in Europe started to get some landscapes designs on their nails. The idea of nail art was surfaced from here, but it was not widely accepted across the globe. 

Things evolved from there and many other brands brought different color nail paints into the market and it was the 20th century when this trend finally took off and people went crazy about the nail polish. The market was flooded with various nail paint brands and they were pretty affordable for every lady. Manicure establishments really became popular and people it was one expensive affair among rich women. They planned manicure sittings in advance and took really good care of their talons. It was still only popular among the elite class.  Madame Mille’s was the first manicure place in France. It started the trend of manicure and beautiful hands.

Luxurious Interior of The 20 Nail Story, Kolkata

Just when people were enjoying different nail colors another great invention of our generation took place. In 1978 Acrylic Nails were invented by a dentist name Maxwell Lappe and he designed several shapes of fake nails which could be glued to the original nails and give them fake length. The material which was used to fill cavities in teeth was used to form nail extensions. This idea was revolutionary and women started to beautify their nails with nail extensions. Yeah, even in ancient times not everyone was lucky and blessed with long and healthy clapperclaw.  People were not very aware of the correlation between healthy eating and long nails. Only a few elite women had house help and women use to take good care of their beauty and look in rich homes. 

How Healthy and Beautiful Hands Became the Trend 

Now you know how our favorite nail paint was invented, what ingredients were used to color nails in ancient times and how people started using acrylic nails to give length to their nails and beautify their hands. They started paying attention to hands and hygiene awareness was also responsible for this. In India the government used to run several ads regarding the health of your hands, they created an awareness campaign around the important issues like clean hands can eliminate health problems and this movement was actually moving for Indian women. Concept of manicure was widely accepted in the 20th century and many beauty salons emerged and there was quite a boom in the beauty industry.  People will decorate nipper with different color nail paints after a manicure. Ladies use nails as accessories and decorate them matching with their outfit.  Though nail art was first started Ocean away in the 15th century it became popular only in the early years of the 21st century. Many nail salon in India is offering yearly nail care packages now.  

Modern Nail Art and Nail Extension: 

We millennials want perfection in everything and our influencing force is social media. Everything is a trend on social media these days so why nail lovers will stay from it. If you will search it on Instagram you will find several hashtags related to nail art, nail polish, nail love.  Best nail salons are posting their designs on Instagram, many followers are using these hashtag to show off their latest nail art. From the ancient time to 21st-century nail art evolved through many stages and this is the result of our love for cute talons.  Now if you go to any party, you want to glam up nails to uplift your overall style. 

The best nail salon in Kolkata 

Kolkata is rich in history and culture and this city evolved from the same. Today, on one hand, you can see the ancient history of this city and on the other hand, you can see the urban lifestyle. Women here are a fashionista and they completely understand the importance of beautiful talon in this stylish era.  Apart from hair and beauty salons, many nail salons in Kolkata are providing best services. They offer all kind of modern nail art services. Women of all age group want to look their best on every occasion and the best nail art is their first choice to up their game. 

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French Manicure is immensely popular because of its name and simplicity. Best nail salons in Kolkata provide French manicure at affordable price. This one is a particular favorite of celebrities and mine too. It was first started in 1976 by American Jeff Pink and it is always in demand till today! You can see many celebrities in French manicure in award shows, talk shows, and movies. They also offer American Manicure, simple manicure, and pedicure for the health care of your crook.  

Today, an enormous number of nail care products are available and the market is flooded with different brands and shades of Nail Polish. Clear nail paint, glitter nail paint, gel polish, matt finish, double shade and so on, this list is really long. 

People are aware of the importance of beautiful hands and they consider their talons as accessories. Women especially decorate them with jewels, studs, or use embellish nail art for special occasions like their wedding day, reception, engagement or other memorable events. 3D nail art is the hottest fashion nowadays and people love highlighting their nails with some specific art. 

Latest Nail Art Trends 

Whatever becomes popular on social media is a trend for us.  Viral video to hashtag is what we see on the internet today! Thanks to Jio we Indians have access to unlimited internet and we are making good use of it. Latest nail art trends that inspire us are fruit nail art, summer nail art, spring nail art, Swarovski nail art, Halloween nail art, valentine nail art, celeb nail art, reverse French manicure and so many others. 

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happy nail art design customer at, The 20 Nail Story

Shapes, colors, and design are in abundance. This is not only about the nails anymore. Ladies love to spend time in nail salons. It is rejuvenating therapy for graceful ladies. Manicure and pedicure is a weekly ritual for many of us and we love spending those peaceful hours in a nail salon.  So if you also love art and want to stay ahead in the trend you can book your appointment in the best nail salon of Kolkata. 

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