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Nail Trends! Don’t try to dodge them. They tend to find a way inside the house in some manner! Nail art is among the season’s hottest styles. If you want to be in trend and looking for a nail art salon in Kolkata, The 20 Nail Story is the perfect place for you. Our main branch in Newtown, Kolkata is loved by everyone so we have opened a new branch in Loudon St., Kolkata near you.

The 20 Nail Story features high-quality cosmetic products and a team of experienced specialists. Our nail art salon in Kolkata tries its best to make the customers satisfied with our services.

The reason behind calling it a perfect nail salon is that it has discovered a method to jazz up your nails in the various nail designs, including patterns, colors, and textures. From Ombre Patterns to Gemstone Nail Art, and Glitter Nails, various styles are available. Even neon nails, nude nails, exotic designs are the talk of the town! Other than this, Peacock Nail Art, Gel Nail Art, and Matt Finishing are some of the most popular nail designs right now.  We also provide various types of decorations to adorn your nails. These embellishments can include sparkles, jewels, feathers, gems, or florals attached to the nail’s base. 


If you are a frequent nail or cuticle biter, acrylic nails conceal faults in the wearer’s natural nails. Even when an individual’s nails are damaged, the issue can be concealed with artificial nails.  Acrylic nails are relatively comfortable and affordable to use in everyday life.

You don’t have to go around searching for a salon to offer extension services either! The 20 Nail Story offers creative nail extension services too. The nail art cost in Kolkata for extensions is worth it.


The 20 Nail Story understands that beautifying your nails is important, but keeping them healthy and beautiful is more important. Thanks to the experts present there who considers every little factor while providing you their services.

Very few salons consider these small facts that can change your nail’s quality. The 20 Nail Story is one such nail salon in Kolkata. If you wish to keep your nails healthy and beautiful, you can prefer this salon. The fact that nail art is becoming more prominent as a form of aesthetic expression is mind-boggling. Nail art prices in our salon are reasonable and it does not compromise with the quality. To guarantee that the technique is immaculate and safe, do not stop yourself from flaunting your nails. Book an appointment with us or you can walk-in or schedule a service online by filling in the form.


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