Nail Art – An Interesting History

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We are so busy following the latest trends in everything that we never bothered to find out where all of this is coming from. I was wondering from where all this fuss about nail paint and nail art is started. Who were the first women to try nail paint? Which was the first brand of nail paint? […]

How to Find the Best Nail Technician in Kolkata to Pamper your Nails

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Nail care is really important and is an important component of looking good. For those who are in Kolkata and may want to pamper themselves by taking care of their nails, it is understandable that they will be on the lookout for the best nail salon in Kolkata. In this amazing city, nail art is a […]

Enjoy Salon Like Pedicure at Home

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Who doesn’t love an impeccably pedicured feet? Well, to achieve a perfectly pedicured feet, visiting the salon every ten to twelve days is what you’ll have to do. But before spending so much money you’ll surely think a couple of times. Don’t get depressed, there’s an alternate solution by doing your pedicure at home. Yes, […]

Professional Manicure at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Manicure at Home The 20 Nail Story

Who doesn’t love a beautifully done manicure? Whether you prefer a mirror finish, acrylic finish, gel finish, a French manicure or any other type, a manicure is always about elegance and impeccable looks. Not everyone is privileged enough to refresh their look once in a week nor not everyone has that amount of time. The good news […]

Tips and Tricks to Deal with Brittle Nails

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Nails are one of the things that add to the persona of a person and is also one of the things that can create a lasting impression. But this can’t be good news for those who are facing a hard time maintaining strong and healthy nails. So, in the first place what are the prime […]

DIY Nail Art Ideas for Lockdown

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Bored to death during the lockdown? Well, nail art can be your favorite pastime and it can also help you to maintain your nails in a better way. Who said that nail art and nail care at home is not possible? You can get a salon-like nail art from the comforts of your home if you follow […]

How to use Nail Art Accessories to Create Unique Designs at Home?

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The nails speak a lot about your personality therefore maintain them becomes a necessity. Though there are many nail art salon in Kolkata that can help you with to main your nails and get stylish nail art, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go to salons frequently. You can easily create unique and beautiful looking nail […]

How to Make your Nails Extension Attractive and Strong at Home?

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Nails speak a lot about a person’s individuality, fashion, and style choice, therefore it becomes important to maintain your nails and keep them attractive. With varieties of nail art designs, nail art accessories, and availability of best nail salons near me have made it possible to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. But visiting the nail salons […]

Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020

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Summer is the season of wearing shorts, going to beaches, pop out vibrant color clothes, sip on sangria, and don the colorful nail polish. From the range of vivid colors to the bright neon ones, there are lots of colors that you can use to oomph your style statement. But even you can’t enjoy the […]

What are Some Unusual Nail Art Colors that Look Just as Glam as Red and Black?

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Nail art plays an important role in not just beautifying the hands but also makes the women feel confident. The manicures done by the best nail technician in Kolkata will elevate your style statement, match up with your outfits, and oomph up the looks of your average looking nails. Just like the fashion that changes every season […]