Shape Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nail Shape

Importance of Nail shape 

Nail art is becoming a popular form of self-expression that involves decorating your nails with various colours and designs, nail art also includes the usage of Rhinestones to beautify the whole look. This is what The 20 Nail Story is providing in Kolkata

women showing her blue rounded nail art
Shape Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nail Shape 9

The shape of nails is an important consideration when it comes to creating glitter nail extension or art designs because a certain shape of nails can provide more space to work on, and more space means more creativity. It’s like providing a better canvas for patterns and designs. Additionally, certain shapes can help create the illusion of longer nails, which can be beneficial for certain nail art designs.

How Nail Shape Reflects Personality and Fashion Statements?

Girl shows blue and white square-shaped nail art.
Shape Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nail Shape 10

The shape of the nail can also be a reflection of your personality. There are many types of nail shapes, and they have their fair share of say in one’s overall personality. Like longer nails may indicate someone who is more assertive and confident, it indicates a bossy and dominating nature of a person. While shorter nails may indicate someone who is more cautious and reserved, a person who has an introverted personality. Additionally, a certain shape of nails can be seen as a fashion statement, with some types of nail shapes being seen as more trendy or fashionable as they are often seen worn by celebrities.

People often waste time searching for the best nail shape by looking at different people, whereas the best nail shape varies from person to person. The way you decorate them according to the shape of your nails depends on your personality. Using flowers, abstract art, etc. shows you have a bubbly personality. If you have shorter nails, you can use smaller details such as sparkles and rhinestones to create a more subtle but still eye-catching look, it creates an illusion of a person who likes details. Additionally, if you have square or round nails, you can use techniques such as ombre and marbling, indicating creativity. More often, square nails are seen as more modern and stylish, while round nails are seen as more classic and elegant.

Choosing the Right Nail Shape for Your Lifestyle and Activities

When choosing a shape of a nail, it is important to consider your lifestyle and the activities you engage in, as not every look goes with everyone. Different shapes of nails have different pros and cons, so it is important to think about what will be the best nail shape for you.

The Pros and Cons of Different Nail Shapes: Round, Almond, Square, and Stiletto Nails

Round Nails 

Red nail paint done by nail artist
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Round nails are a classic shape of nails and are easy to maintain and look good on everyone. Being a timeless shape of the nail that will never go out of style, these are the OGs If you are looking for something subtle, then round nails are a great option for you.

Almond Nails

Glitter nail art on almond-shaped nail
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 Almond nails are a daring shape that can be both elegant and boss lady types. Usually, the salon guy will keep the length longer than round nails and make them tapered in the end. Almond nails are great for those who want something a bit more on the bolder side than a regular shape of nails.

 Square Nails

square shape nail
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Square nails are one of the best shape of nails, as they make you look more sophisticated and modern. They are a bit edgier and blocky in the end, they can look very stylish on people with long and broad fingers. People who like a bit of drama and boldness in their looks go for it. It’s been a long time since girls added some sass to their looks with them.

 Stiletto Nails

Brown and black nail art on stiletto shape nail
Shape Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nail Shape 14

 Last comes to the stiletto nails, my gosh the bossiest and most dominating type of nail shape, they are eye catchy and add spice to the look. These are worn by those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Nails and Making Your Nail Art Last Longer

Removing dead skins from nails
Shape Your Style: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Nail Shape 15

Well, regardless of which shape you choose, it is important to keep your nails healthy and well-maintained. Here are a few tips to save your nails from getting damaged. Always trim or file them, go for manicures if required, and use a nourishing oil or lotion to keep them hydrated and moisturized. Never use your nails to open cans, scratch things and whatnot, it disturbs the shape of nails and makes them look flaky and sometimes the nail paint also comes off, which is even worse, so avoid using them as tools. If you have got nail art done, wash your dishes with gloves on, dishwasher soap will cause discolouration and will eventually make them fade away. Also, a hard sponge can break the nails, resulting in the removal of the nail and nail art done on it. If you like cooking, using pigments should be highly monitored. Like the basic ingredient for the pigment in our household is turmeric, use it carefully and avoid the stain on your nails.

A lesser-considered fact is why your nails become flaky and brittle. The simple answer is your diet, it is true that our body communicates in the form of symptoms that we need to address and cure. If your body is showing symptoms like flaky or splitting nails from the end then this can be due to a deficiency of iron, vitamin D and calcium. You can increase the number of food items that are rich sources of these. Healthy nails will help you have the best nail shape and will also prevent nail art from coming off.

Tips and Ideas For Experimenting With Different Shape of Nails

One should try the best of the best nail shapes, as one has to experiment with all to know what suits you the best. There are numerous shapes of nails available in the market with different shapes and sizes. One can also choose according to their outfit or occasion like a classic French manicure will compliment the professional office look and will also look great with a traditional outfit. If you want to go to a party and want to match up with your bold outfit, then you must go for almond nails or coffin nails, these will add length to your nails and will create a bolder and classier look. Also, if you want to experiment with the square nails you must try the classic white ends, they look sophisticated and give your hands a different dimension. Experimenting with different shapes of nails is a great way to express your style and personality. By choosing a different shape for every occasion, you can create a look that stands class apart. Our advice will be to have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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Nail salon - The 20 Nail story
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