Kolkata Nail Art: Price List and Services You Can’t Resist

Nail Extension Cost and Nail Art Price in Kolkata

Swiping on a single shade of polish without putting it all over one’s cuticles, much alone free-handing any form of nail-art design, is a difficulty that everyone has faced at some point. And that’s a real bummer when you enjoy having elaborate nails. We like going to the manicure salon just as much as our next door neighbour. But what if you have really short nails that refuse to grow?

In such an instance, extensions are your only choice. Gel extensions are becoming one of the most popular and well-liked solutions to achieve longer and stronger nails. Although each length and shape provides us with a plethora of nail art and paint options, sometimes the purpose is just to add long, durable tips to the end of each nail or to create more area for nail art and polish in general. That’s when they come in handy. 

However, even one monthly manicure with the addition of nail art price may wreak havoc on most people’s wallets. Getting nail extensions isn’t inexpensive. It will cost you somewhere around Rs.5000 to get your nails done, depending on the salon you visit, and after they fall off, the care would be similarly costly. However, at the 20 nail art story, we have provided you with the fairest and economical cost, which will significantly impact your budget and allow you to have your nails look gorgeous. therefore have a look at our services and costs –

  • French-Style Nail Extensions:- Whether You Are Feeling Funky Or Glamorous, Now Let Your Nails Be An Extension Of Your Mood.
  • French-Style Nail Extensions Refiling: If you want to refill your simple yet classic-looking nails. This service is ideal for you. This nail extension cost is affordable and fantastic.
French - Style Nail Extension Cost in Kolkata
  • Sparkly Nail Art: Allow your nails to shine as brightly as your lovely dress. Nothing beats nail art that perfectly complements your aesthetic.
Sparkly Nail art Price in Kolkata
  • Upgrade to Gel Nail Extension – There’s a reason why gel nail extension has become a modern beauty mainstay: it’s virtually indestructible, impossibly glossy, and offered at our salon the 20 nail art story it is done the exact way you expected to be.
  • Style and Refiling Gel Application: Precisely, it is done only at
  • Creative Nail Art – are you the sort of person that likes to experiment? Wanna be creative with your nails? Then this nail art is ideal for you. You can add any stone, nail art or design that you like.
Creative Nail Art Price in Kolkata
  • Nail Extensions that Look Natural: If you want to keep things simple, this nail art design is ideal for you. It’s even less expensive and more economical.
  • Acrylic Nail Extension: Nails Retouching is the Periodic Maintenance that any type of Nails Extension Treatment requires. At our salon, it is done professionally an effectively.
Natural Nail Extension Cost in Kolkata
  • Overlaying of Nails: Messing up with your nails is pretty easy, but if you want to give them a professional touch, you’ll need to work with a professional. You want your nail to be straight and extremely precise as no one likes crooked nails. You can get this service at our salon at an affordable cost.
  • Renewing Polish – We don’t like it when our nail polish chips since it makes our hands look terrible. If you don’t have time to maintain it, you may come to our store and get it replaced. The cost is really reasonable.

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