Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020

Summer is the season of wearing shorts, going to beaches, pop out vibrant color clothes, sip on sangria, and don the colorful nail polish. From the range of vivid colors to the bright neon ones, there are lots of colors that you can use to oomph your style statement. But even you can’t enjoy the summers yet and still counting the days to get out, you can still channel the vibes of the summer by trying out the best color combination on your nails and toes. Nail care at home is even possible even you cannot go to the nail salons. To help you oomph the looks of your nails, outlined below are a few best color combination for summer 2020.

gold skin nail art design
Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020 5

Naked Shimmers: The shimmer nail paint is one of the best options for naked nails as it looks amazing on your sun-kissed skin. The shimmer nail paint works on exceptionally good for almost any occasion. You also don’t have to be worried about the imperfections that can occur if the bright color nail polishes are not applied properly or if they chip or crack eventually. The shimmers hide the little blemishes and make it look unnoticeable.

nail extension kolkata in yellow color
Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020 6

Neon Colors: The trend for neon colors didn’t last much in the fashion world, but the neon nail paints are very much popular to rock the summer in style. You can go for bold neon colors if you are brave enough or go for neon nail art. There are endless possibilities for neon nail art as you can either try a half-moon, opt for a French tip, opt for a crackle polish, etc. Colors like neon pink, yellow, orange, etc are to look out for during summers.

hand with red nail paint
Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020 7
  • Red: The red nail paints are classic and will never run out of fashion as it has a youthful touch about it. There are zillions of shades in red like the cherry red, blue-based red, orange-based red, apple red, blood red, and lots more. For this summer you can opt for neutral red, cherry red, tomato red, glossy red, etc. as they are the most trending colors this year. You can combine the glittery red with any of the shades in the form of polka dots, French tip, half-moon, etc. for nail art.
blue and grey nail art for summer
Nail Art- Best Color Combination for Summer 2020 8
  • Metallics: Metallics are eye-catching, it not only makes your nails look shiny but also healthier. The silver metallic tone, rose gold, champagne gold, red-purple metallic, yellow grass metallic, green metallic, etc. are some of the most trending metallic tones for summer 2020. Search for the best nail art in Kolkata and you will come across numerous nail art photos, combine the metallic nail paints with stickers, glitters, and naked nail paint to get the best out of it.

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