Most Loved Nail Extensions of 2020

Many women love to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. While many of them love to experiment with their looks according to the latest trends. So, if you are reading the content of this page, then you are definitely looking for the biggest and boldest nail trends of 2020. What can be a better way to transform your style statement by dipping your toe and fingers into a new trend with the help of a manicure. The best nail art salon in Kolkata can surely help you with the subtle new designs, and colors that are on the radar for 2020.

Here are a few trending nail extension ideas of 2020:

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Gold Flake Nails: The rich looking, trendy, and shimmering in the light gold flakes can make your manicure mesmerizing. You can opt for a single tone or go for a gradient glitter effect for a modern look. The best nail art technicians in Kolkata will use a combination of a black matte nail polish as a base with a touch of golden glitter to give it a sophisticated look. Such nail extensions designs are ideal for a glamorous evening or parties, the sparking effect of this design is enough to make it special.

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Jeweled Nails: It’s time to make a style statement with jeweled nails. The sparling effect of the faux gems on your nails will surely grab the attention of people. For optimum results ask your nail art technician in Kolkata to use subtle color gems on nude or white nail polish color as a base. This will ensure that the jewels will stand out when the light reflects on it. Such kind of nail extension design requires professional expertise as the jewels can peel-off if not applied properly. This nail art design is ideal for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, baby shower, etc.

coffin nail
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Coffin Nails: Coffin nails are becoming extremely popular this year because of its unique shape and chic looks. The squared-off tip of the coffin nails looks glamorous and also any design, color, or nail art looks awesome on it. Not only such kind of nail extension makes your finger look slimmer and longer, but also delivers a sophisticated finish. French manicures look exceptionally good with such type of nail extensions. You can try it with a nude paint as a base color and try soft colors like white, cream, light pink, etc. on the squared-off extension to catch the eye of the onlookers. Such type of nails is perfect for corporate dinners, date nights, casual get-togethers, family dinners, etc.

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  • The Classic Black and white Nails: The retro pattern of the ’60s is back but with a touch of a modern look. The everyday nail art extension will compliment almost any of your outfits. The monochromatic style looks stylish even in the modern era, all you need is the best nail art technician in Kolkata to get you the right nail art. The right technician will always start with the black base and apply the best nail design in white nail paint.

Experimenting with your nails will actually make you fall in love with the designs, all you need is to visit the best nail art salon in Kolkata.

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