How to Make your Nails Extension Attractive and Strong at Home?

Nails speak a lot about a person’s individuality, fashion, and style choice, therefore it becomes important to maintain your nails and keep them attractive. With varieties of nail art designs, nail art accessories, and availability of best nail salons near me have made it possible to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. But visiting the nail salons frequently may not be feasible due to budget and time constraints, but it’s not that difficult to keep your nails attractive and strong from the comforts of your home. Today the acrylic or artificial nails are playing an important role in beautifying the looks of the nails. Maintaining the nail extensions to keep them strong and attractive is very important as the press-on nails can pop-up easily.
Outlined below are a few effective tips that can help you to maintain the nail extensions:

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How to Make your Nails Extension Attractive and Strong at Home? 3
  • Examine for signs of damage: Every morning when you wake up, make it a habit that you examine each of your nails for signs of damage. Feel each of your nails and ascertain that they are not loose enough to pop-out. If the nail extensions have become lose you can add a drop of glue and fix them properly before starting your day. Basically, the lifespan of such nails is two to three weeks so note the date when you are applying them as it will become easier for you to remember when to remove them.
  • Keep a nail buffer and glue handy all the time: If your nail extension comes-off impulsively then it’s advisable to use the buff the surface of your nail before you reapply the artificial nail. Reapplying the nails ensures that you don’t have to prematurely remove the extensions of the other nails, thus preserving your manicure. Besides this, ensure that you carry a cotton pad with you to wipe off the glue that emerges from the sides and the cuticle area while applying the nails.
  • Moisturize your cuticles: The gap between the cuticles and the end of the nail extension will be visible as soon as your nails begin to grow. If your cuticles are dry, it will certainly draw attention, therefore it becomes to keep your cuticles moistured to keep them healthy and hydrated. You can use cuticle oil, a moisturizer, or hand cream to moisturize your cuticles.
  • Don’t submerge your fingernails in water: You should keep your fingernails from activities that can keep them under a constant flow of water for a prolonged time. For instance, while washing utensils you can use hand gloves as it can prevent your fingernails from coming in direct contact with water.
  • Be careful with your hand movements: The nail extensions can pop off and can even damage the plate of your natural nails if you are not careful with your hand movements. So while washing clothes, utensils, wearing clothes, lifting objects, etc it becomes important that your hand movements are slow.
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How to Make your Nails Extension Attractive and Strong at Home? 4

If you can follow the five essentials tips mentioned above then you can maintain the nail extensions and keep them attractive and strong for weeks. You can always visit the best salons for nail extensions in Kolkata if you are not confident about maintaining the nail extensions efficiently.

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