Hottest Short Nails Art Designs to Try in 2020

A manicure is one of the best ways to boost your fashion statement and compliment your outfit. Many of you always opt for the common classic red or pink nail polish colors, its time to experiment with something new for your next manicure. Have you always dreamt of having a perfect nail art design as seen on the internet? Well, it is time to visit the best nail art salon in Kolkata. Nail art designs even looks subtle and elegant on short nails, here are some of the hottest short nails art designs you can try in 2020.

Nude Miniii
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Nude with minimalistic design: Nude nail paint always looks subtle and sophisticated with a minimalistic design. For a tasteful manicure, the best nail technicians in Kolkata will add a touch of white or cream color nail paints on a couple of your nails. Such type of nail art designs looks good on a short nail and are ideal for office and casual wear.

Pearl Nail
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Pearl Detailing: The pearl detailing on the nails is in trend for many years but they still have the same charm. Ideal for functions like weddings, baby shower, engagement, etc. the physical pearls applied on your nails with a lustrous peal paint as a base look extremely elegant.

Jewel Nail Art
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  • Be Jeweled: Adding a jewel or faux gemstone on the nails will surely help you to make a fashion statement. The sparkling effect of the jewels when they come in contact with light is eye-catchy. The best nail technicians in Kolkata know the right technique to make your jewel look beautiful on the nail paint. It is very important to get the right color combination of the nail paint and the faux gemstone to avail of a standalone look. The nail art technician will ensure that the base coat on the nail will be light and subtle, to highlight the jewel on your nail.
  • Polka Dots: Polka dots pattern really looks cute on short nails. One of the best things about this nail art design is that you can avail of a cool and unique design. The versatility in design pattern and the use of multiple color combination makes it an ever-trending nail art design. You can mix and match polka dots with chevron nail art, cool neon shades, metallic nail paints, nude nails, and lots more. Your nail art salon in Kolkata can guide you with some cute and amazing polka dot designs.

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  • Double French manicure: The double French manicure is the modernized version of the classic French manicure. The twist in this beautiful nail art design is that there is an extra line just below the tip. It is always one of the most loved types of nail art design as it can be donned anytime to spruce up any type of your outfit.
    Animal print, geometric designs, color block French manicure, gingham nails, etc. are some of the other popular nail art designs that will look amazing on short nails.

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