DIY Nail Art Ideas for Lockdown

Bored to death during the lockdown? Well, nail art can be your favorite pastime and it can also help you to maintain your nails in a better way. Who said that nail art and nail care at home is not possible? You can get a salon-like nail art from the comforts of your home if you follow the DIY nail art ideas outlined below.

kiwi nail art design
DIY Nail Art Ideas for Lockdown 4

Cliff nail art in three colors: This easy DIY nail art is perfect for the beginners, as it can be accomplished by using only the nail polish colors. This nail art doesn’t require any tools, just pick up your three favorite colors.

How to apply?
Before you apply the initial color of the nail polish, apply a base coat on clean nails. Take the first color and draw a vertical stripe from the top of your nail and leave some space near the cuticle. Now create a second vertical stripe but that should be a little lower than the first one. Similarly, create the last stripe, but that should be again lower than the second strip. It should look like steps. Allow it to dry for some time and use your second favorite color and follow the same procedure. Repeat the procedure with the third color and once you’re done apply a topcoat to get a glossy and finished look.

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DIY Nail Art Ideas for Lockdown 5

Nail art with color splatter: The splatter nail art allows you to bring out the artist in you. As a kid, you surely would have splattered the color on a canvas using a paintbrush or a toothbrush. Here you have to use your nails as a canvas while splattering different colors of your choice. All you will need here is a small paintbrush and three to four colors of your choice.

How to apply?
First of all, clean your nails using a thinner and apply white color as a base coat. Then dip the paintbrush in one of the colors and splatter the color on your nails by running your finger on the paintbrush. Repeat the same steps for all the colors you have selected. Once you are done splattering all the colors, take a piece of cotton which is dipped in a thinner and remove all the unwanted colors from the sides of your nails. Apply a top coat as it acts as a sealer and protects the splattered color from chipping off.

Black, white Nail art manicure. Holiday style bright Manicure with sparkles.

V-Tip glitter nail art: If you are missing the party days during the lockdown, then the glitter v-tip nail art is the ideal option. You’d probably have looked for a nail salon near me, but you can achieve the same finish even if you do it yourself. All you need here is a black nail polish, silver or golden glitter nail polish, and a V-shape cut sticker or tape which can be cut in V-shape.

How to apply?
First of all, clean your nails using a thinner and apply black color as a base coat. Use a v-sticker on the top of the nails, ensure that both the edges of V start from the corner of your nails. Then paint the bottom half of your nails with the silver or gold glitter polish and allow it to dry. Peel off the V-shape sticker carefully and apply the topcoat on it.

These are some of the DIY nail art ideas to beat the boredom because of lockdown. There are many different types of nail art but for that, you’ll need to search for the best salons for nail art in Kolkata, but it’s only possible once the salon opens. Till then try different DIY nail art ideas, just search for the best nail art in Kolkata and you’ll get all the trending styles.

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