Creative Nail Art Trends For 2021

The nail art trend just keeps getting better and better over the years. The nail art trend is a rage amongst women and young girls of different age groups. From bold designs to subtle chic detailing, there is something new for every woman in this new year that can help them to add style and class to their nails. Life is too short for boring nails and a cool and creative manicure can add a little something extra to your outfit and is a perfect way to stand out amongst others. In this article, we shall cover some unpredicted and creative nail art designs for 2021 that will certainly catch your attention.

Nail Trends

    • Indie Nails– Indie nails are perhaps the most fun nail art trend of 2021. The user search database shows a huge spike in people searching for these nail designs and one can easily predict this artsy nail trend will be in great demand throughout the year. What makes it a standout design is the fact that Indie Nail design can be anything you want. Each fingernail is approached independently – so you end up with a completely random design and a whole lot of fun.
    • Muted Nails– A toned-down color(of your choice) on nails is a hit amongst girls these days. This nail art design adds a simple yet sophisticated charm to your nails. The muted shades are less time-consuming and require low-maintenance, thus are a good replacement for cumbersome and extreme nail arts. The subdued nail art design can match any outfit adding color to your look without being too loud.

Minimalist Nail Art

    • Minimalist Nail Art– The minimalist nail art design has grown substantially in the last year and is expected to grow more this year too. This nail art design adds an eye-popping design to your nail without going overboard. These subtle nail designs are suitable for both work and party look and can be used to accessorize your outfit or mask.

Graphic nail Art

    • Graphic Nail Art– This nail art design incorporates geometric shapes and patterns to create exciting and refreshing designs. Contrasting colors can be used in this nail art design to give you a bold look. Logo nails and plaid nails are two further categories of graphic details that can be applied to your nail art design.

Silent Glitter Nail Art

  • Silent Glitter Nail Art– The silent glitter nail art design is also a new trend gaining grounds these days. The subtle glitter in tints and hues adds an eye-catching look to your personality making it a favorite among ladies. This design requires a distinct technique and must be performed by the best nail art technicians.

The 20 Nail Story

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