Shine Bright with Nail Art Salon in Kolkata

Are you getting ready for a party without beautifying your nails? Oh no! Wait! Your hands are the most exposed part of your body. Why underestimate them? Let’s decorate it with the help of the best nail salon in Kolkata.

Kolkata is the most populous metropolitan city in India. It is famous for its culture and Ledikeni & Pantua (a sweet). The Bengali sarees are an eye-catcher. The specialty of Kolkata lies in its street food. During the time of 90s, it was referred to as Calcutta. This gorgeous city is located along the banks of the Hooghly river, with Howrah bridge as one of the most beautiful sites to visit.

Keep your Nails Short

Let us move towards the best Nail art salon in Kolkata. With 100% customer satisfaction, the 20NailStory nail salon has emerged to be the best one-stop site for manicures and pedicures in Kolkata. Also, we are the best salon among any other nail salon near me. Our salon is located at Atghara in Kolkata.

V-Tip glitter nail art

From equipping you with the traditional colorful style of nail art to matte designs or crazy styles, we have always been the best in fulfilling our customer’s needs. We are always up-to-date with the latest trends in nail art. Keeping your needs in mind, we have consistently improved ourselves for the best. Our salon provides the newest nail art trends like Jewel Nail Art, Glitter Nail Art, Neon Nail Art, Nude Nails, Butterfly Nail Art, and several others.

Do you wish to have a nail extension in the best nail salon in Kolkata? You are then in the best place because other nail art salons have high nail extension costs in Kolkata. Our salon provides you with the best experience at a low price. We have an experienced faculty that will never let you feel down.

Double French Manicure

Other than just beautifying your nails, we also provide the service of adorning your hands and feet. The manicure and pedicure prices in Kolkata are high because of their demand. Keeping this in mind, we have kept the prices low to not worry about your pocket and need not compromise with the quality of service.

Customer’s satisfaction is our passion.

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