Turn Heads with these 7 Nail Arts During this Durga Puja

The auspicious festival of Durga Puja is almost here and so are the Durga Puja Pandals. The festivals are the best time to be a little creative and show your inner artist. The nail of a person says a lot about their personality so, nail arts are really necessary if you want to stand out in the crowd. Every festival is celebrated with a lot of jest in our country and is the right time for millennials to show off a little bit. There are several Nail Art Salons in Kolkata that provide nail art designs but not all are as trendy as you do like.

7 Trendy Nail Arts

2020 has been a hell of a year for all the difficulties caused by the coronavirus. But it has also been a year of experimenting with new things. Nail art has been bombarded with new trends and designs so let’s check out a few of them, which can make you look wonderful in the Durga Puja festival.

Branded Design Nail Art

  • Branded Design: Now you can pay homage to your favorite brand by opting for a nail art design that features your chosen brand”s iconic logos. A simple color palette with just the initials of your favorite brand can make you look elegant.

Modern Color Palette Nail Art

  • Modern Color Palette: The perfect combination of a few colors painted on different nails is by far the easiest and simplest way to look different from others. You can easily start by opting for a three-color look and then experiment with other color schemes.

Goddess Nail Art

  • Faces Nail Design: The Indian take on face nail art design is also a great choice for festivals. You can opt for a design of Goddess Durga on nails that will perfectly suit the auspicious festival

Love Heart Nail Art

  • Love Heart Nail Art: All festivals are a sign of love and harmony and you show these feelings by choosing love or a heart-shaped nail art design. Pink and red are the obvious best color combination for this design and can be used in other festivals or occasions as well.

Ombre Nail Art Design

  • Ombre Nail Art Design: The ombre nail art depicts rainbow nails in a completely different and new way. It’s a simple and stunning way to give the nails a subtle and straightforward look. You can choose different color combinations or just apply a little bit on the edges of the nail to give a clean and new look.

Flowers/Catkins Nail Art

  • Flowers/Catkins: The nature-inspired nail art design is also a different look that can be a stand-out factor in festivals. The natural color of green as the base and some different color shade can be used to give a flower-like shape to the design that looks beautiful on nails.

Cute Nail tot

  • Cute Nail tot: As the work suggests, a cute pastel palette can easily be applied to nails that work on both festivals and casual weekends with ease. Different shapes can be made using black highlights to give the nails a cute but attractive look.

Nail Art Salon

Using Google Maps, you can easily find out the best nail art salon nearby you. There are very few nail art salons that provide all the above-mentioned new nail art designs. The best nail art parlor in Kolkata is the 20 nail art story which always provides the latest and trendy nail art designs to its customers. The 20 nail art story is a modern place for all millennials who want to look different from others in Durga Puja or any other festival by giving a makeover to your nails.


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