It’s that time of the year again! Festivals are right around the corner and the celebrations are in full swing. Even though the scare of coronavirus is present still, people are looking forward to the month of festivals. While festivities are necessary but people must remain vigilant and follow all guidelines given by the government of India. The auspicious festival of Durga Puja is near and people are gearing up for the same.

Durga Puja is the most anticipated festival in India, especially in Kolkata. Along with idol immersion, nail designing is also considered an integral part of the festival in Kolkata. There are several Nail Art Salons in Kolkata that caters to people from all over India. People can use Google or other search engines to find out the best nail salon by using Nail Art Salon near me feature.

Nail designs

5 basic nail shapes are preferred by the clients all over India namely: square, oval, squoval, round, or pointed. These nail shapes are then designed by nail artists according to the customer’s needs. There are various nail designs for different occasions like festivals, marriage, etc. Let’s check out the best traditional art designs for Durga Puja.

Traditional Nail Art

    • Traditional Navratri Nail Design: Durga Puja Pandals are the best places to show off your colorful nails and adding some bling to the festivities. Using a red or golden color as base color one can design their nails that suit their outfit and let their nails do the talking. Several color combinations can be used for nail art depending on the outfit you wear.

Goddess Nail Art

    • Goddess Nail Art: Applying golden color to a black base and then giving it a few touches with a red and silver color, a unique pattern of Maa Durga can also be drawn on the nail that will fit the festival perfectly. If you wish to keep it simple, you can apply a pastel shade and then add a coat of shimmer that will give your nails the perfect festive look.

Glitter Nail Art

    • Glitter Nail Art: A simple design can look amazing with a hint of glitter. You can choose any color, shape, or style. Glitter gives a festive look without any extra efforts. Pick your color and go for it during this Durga pooja for a trendy nail makeover.

Half and Half Nail Art

    • Half and Half: This is evergreen style and It never goes out of fashion, pick any color and add the hint of glitter in half and half style and your nails are ready to go. Match them with your Durga pooja outfit and be ready for lots of compliments. This chic style design is perfect for the festival season.

Jewel Nail Art

  • Jewel Nail Art: If you like adding accessories to everything then why not nails? Durga pooja is the right time for this nail art style, pick your style from various options mix and match them with studs or glitter and get a perfect nail art for the festival season in no time. This is quite a rage among the youngster these days they like to stylize their nails with different beads, studs, and stones.

Best Nail Art Salon

There are several Nail Parlors in Kolkata that can provide all kinds of services required by the customer. The 20-nail story is one of the best Nail Studio in Kolkata hands down. Not only do they provide great nail designs but their staff is well equipped to handle all sorts of queries of its customers. All the trendy and latest nail designs are available here which cater to all your marriage or festival needs with ease.

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