What are Some Unusual Nail Art Colors that Look Just as Glam as Red and Black?

Nail art plays an important role in not just beautifying the hands but also makes the women feel confident. The manicures done by the best nail technician in Kolkata will elevate your style statement, match up with your outfits, and oomph up the looks of your average looking nails. Just like the fashion that changes every season or eventually, the style for nail art and nails colors also changes. The professional nail experts employed by the best nail salon in Kolkata have the right knowledge about the current and upcoming trends in the nail art world. Gone are the days when red and black were the most loved colors for nail arts, today the nail technicians can introduce you to a wide range of color options that look as glam as red and black. Outlined below are few unusual nail art colors that you can opt to elevate the looks of your nails.

holographic charcoal

    • Holographic Charcoal: This unusual hue of grey color is a unique, one of its kind, and upcoming color for your manicure. The dappled color will either shine like a rainbow or look like a dark slate, but that all depends on the lights.

holographic charcoal

    • Hunter Green: The hunter green shade has a touch of black and is a stylish way to do the green that looks cool on every occasion. The deep hunter green shade will give a perfect shimmer-free finish to steal the show.

cobalt blue

    • Cobalt Blue: This chic looking color has a tint of blue and is one of the most unusual nail art colors as it is not too dull nor is it too bright, that makes it a wonderful color option for nail art. The cobalt blue color is not like other shades of blue that looks dull.

burnt coral

    • Burnt Coral: This color is perfectly ideal for summer months, but there’s also a shimmery option available that can be apt for any occasion. The burnt coral color has a hint of red and orange that gives an appealing look.

washed denim

  • Washed Denim: The denim-inspired color for the nail polish can be an ideal option for your fall look. The blue-grey shade is becoming a popular color for nail art in Kolkata as it blends well with a variety of nail art designs. You can either opt for a nail art design that looks like your ripped jeans, combine it with floral art, go for a textured denim look, and lots more.

Besides this, there are lots of other popular shades like purple-grey, milky blue, pearl white, silvery blue, turquoise, etc. that are preferred by the best nail technician in Kolkata. This is because they not only make your nail stand out but such unusual colors look just as glam as red and black. Selecting the best nail art salon in Kolkata also becomes important as they employ professional staff and use the best brands of nail polish and manicure products available in the market.

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