How to use Nail Art Accessories to Create Unique Designs at Home?

The nails speak a lot about your personality therefore maintain them becomes a necessity. Though there are many nail art salon in Kolkata that can help you with to main your nails and get stylish nail art, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go to salons frequently. You can easily create unique and beautiful looking nail art from the comforts of your home by using the various nail art accessories. There are numerous options when it comes to nail art accessories but outlined below are a few essential ones that every nail art junkie should have in their nail art kit.

Nail Art Stickers

    • Nail art stickers: While searching for nail art stickers you will be spoiled for choice as there are a plethora of options to choose from. Flowers, cartoons, geometric designs, animals, lace stickers, and whatnot. Not only this you can also get various 3d nail art stickers that not only easy to apply but also distinguish your individuality. Such nail art stickers are easy to apply as they are backed with a strong adhesive. All you have to do is clean your nails with a thinner, apply nail polish, allow it to dry, and then apply the sticker carefully. This not only showcases your creative side but also allows you to express your fashion and style statement.

Nail Dotting Tools

    • Nail dotting tools:The dotting tools are a must-have in every nail art kit as they are very handy when it comes to creating different sizes of dots. The dotting tools are usually available in a set of five and the dotting tools feature ten different size heads that allow you to create a dot of different sizes.

Rhinestones on nails

    • Rhinestones:You can find different sizes and colors of rhinestone available in the market. They are one of the best accessories to add a stylish look to your nails. The rhinestones are super chic, trendy, and comes with an adhesive peel-off that allows you to apply them on the nails very easily.

Nail file and tweezers

    • Nail file and tweezers: The tweezers are a very handy accessory as it allows you to apply the sticker, rhinestones, pull the striping tapes, etc extremely easily. Using this accessory facilitates a non-sticky way of working which therefore ensures a perfect finish. While purchasing the nail file ensure the grits are between 80-100 as they are best for acrylic nails.

Confetti Glitter

  • Confetti Glitter:It is not necessary to have a glittered nail polish, you can also buy loose glitter. Applying the loose glitter powder on nail polish is also easy, all you need is a fan brush. Besides this, you can also create a glitter French tip nail design, all you have to do is apply a topcoat and then place it on the loose glitter, remove the extra glitter powder with the help of a fan brush. To finish it and to protect the glittered nails apply a layer of topcoat again.

Besides these, cotton pads, nail dangles, nail striping tapes, nail art stencils, etc are also some essential accessories. But if you want a professional-looking nail art designs, it is always advisable to hire the professional services of the best nail technician in Kolkata.

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