Tips and Tricks to Deal with Brittle Nails

Nails are one of the things that add to the persona of a person and is also one of the things that can create a lasting impression. But this can’t be good news for those who are facing a hard time to maintain strong and healthy nails. So, in the first place what are the prime causes of weak or brittle nail problems? Nails are made up of keratin, a type of protein that also facilitates healthy hair and skin. With growing age, the capacity of the cells that produce keratin reduces, which therefore restricts proper nourishment to the nails, thus making them brittle. But there’s some good news you can deal with your brittle nails by making necessary changes in your lifestyle and habits. Outlined below are some tips and tricks for nail care at home that can help you to deal with brittle nail problems.

Keep your Nails and Hands Moisturized

    • Keep your Nails and Hands Moisturized: To prevent further damage of your nails it becomes important to keep your nails and surrounding skin moistured with a moisturizer or a hand cream. You can also use cuticle oil or shea oil as it can help you to keep your nails nourished and repair the brittle nails.

Bitting of your Nails should be Stopped Completely

    • Bitting of your Nails should be Stopped Completely:It is extremely important to get rid of your old habit of biting your nails, as it facilitates uneven growth of nails. This makes your nails more prone to unwanted breakages.

Keep your Nails Short

    • Keep your Nails Short:It is very important to build up strength for your nails and it won’t be possible if you are already facing problems with brittle nails. Therefore it becomes important to keep your nails shorts and give them proper nourishment till the foundation of nails becomes strong. You can opt for temporary nail art or nail refilling if you have any function or social gather.

Avoid Excess Exposure to Water

    • Avoid Excess Exposure to Water:If there’s excessive exposure of your nail to water then it can make your nails week and brittle. Therefore it becomes important to avoid soaking your hands in water for too long. While washing clothes or utensils, you can use hand gloves to avoid exposure to water.

Dip your Nails in Olive Oil

    • Dip your Nails in Olive Oil:It is advisable to soak your nails in extra virgin olive oil to strengthen your weak and damaged nails. You can start by soaking your nails in olive oil every day for at least 10-15 minutes for a month. Thereafter you can follow this DIY nail care at home for once or twice a week.

File your Nails Properly

    • File your Nails Properly:You’ll have to become a master in filing nails. The use of the correct technique i.e. filing your nails in oval or square shape makes a lot of difference. Go gentle on your nails, use a soft nail file and don’t be vigorous.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Keep your Hydrated

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet and Keep your Hydrated:It is advisable to eat food that has adequate content of vitamins and minerals. The absence of such vital nutrients in your diet will hamper the growth of your body and nails are no exception.

Besides the DIY or nail care at home, you can visit salons for nail extension in Kolkatta, as there are plenty of professional ones that can help you.

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