Professional Manicure at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Who doesn’t love a beautifully done manicure? Whether you prefer a mirror finish, acrylic finish, gel finish, a French manicure or any other type, a manicure is always about elegance and impeccable looks. Not everyone is privileged enough to refresh their look once in a week nor not everyone has that amount of time. The good news here is that it is possible to get a professional manicure from the comforts of your home and that too without spending a significant sum. Check out the following effective tips that can help you to achieve the desired results of a manicure at home.

Manicure at Home

  • Cut and File your Nails: Before you start cutting and filing your nails, it is advisable to remove the existing nail paint from your nails using a nail polish remover and a cotton pad. You can then cut your nails using a nail cutter or clippers. Ensure that you don’t cut your nails too short. Once your done cutting your nails, you can use a nail file to give a square or round edges shape to your nails. One thing which you should keep in mind while filing your nails is that don’t drag the nail file vigorously to and fro as it can break or damage your nails.


  • Soak your Nails in Warm Water: This process is the most relaxing one, all you have to do is fill a big bowl with warm water and soak your nails in it for a maximum of three to four minutes. Don’t forget to add a shampoo, baby shampoo is preferable. Soaking the nails in warm water ensures that the cuticles soften. Here you can use a soft brush to remove the dust from your nail bed and to get rid of the dead skin.
  • Moisturize your Nails
  • Moisturize your Nails: Moisturizers contain essential ingredients like lactic acid, urea, etc that helps to prevent the nails from becoming weak and brittle. Massaging your nails especially near the cuticle area using a hand cream is recommended. Now’s the time to prepare your nails for polish, so ensure that you wipe the excess moisturizer from your nails using a nail polish remover and a cotton pad.

Apply the Base Coat

  • Apply the Base Coat: This is a very important step which is often overlooked. Before you apply the nail polish on your nails, it is advisable to apply a thin layer of base coat. You can either use a clear coat or a white nail polish for your base coat. White nail polish will not only pop up any color but will also protect your nails from the stains of dark colors. Basecoat will also ensure that the nail polish color doesn’t peel off quickly.

Apply the Top Layer and Giving Finishing Touches

  • Apply the Top Layer and Giving Finishing Touches: Apply a thin layer of the nail polish of your choice over the base coat once it dries off. Before you apply the nail polish on your nails, just roll the nail polish using both your hands, instead of shaking it upside down. This will eliminate the development of air bubbles in the nail polish bottle that could have created problems to stick the nail paint on your nails. Once you apply the top layer, finish it off by applying clear nail polish on the top.

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